Great Adventures for Kids of all Ages! 

Join the Cultural Village for story telling, crafts, scavenger hunt and more!  Make your own sword, magic wand, or crown. Build a catapult and try your skill. 

3 Irish Girls.jpg

Help build a giant castle - or help knock it down.  Create a tartan or a St. Brigit cross. Compete in the Red Hair and Freckles Contest.   Have your face painted.  And lots more!

Or go to the Garden and see how pumpkins and other crops grow.  Help create a scarecrow and learn what they do.  Smell different herbs and learn about them.

Schedule of Activities

All Day Activities:

Face Painting

Scavenger Hunt

Story Telling and Visiting St. Brigit

Castle Building

St. Brigit Cross-making

Coloring Pages/Book marks

Tartan-making until the Kirkin at 3:30

Scheduled Activities:

11:30:  Necklaces with knots and wood discs

12:30:  Catapult-building

1:30:  Crowns, Swords & Fairy Wands

2:30:  Red Hair & Freckles Contest

3:30:  Necklaces with knots and wood discs

4:30:  Catapult-building