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Celtic Whiskey's, Beers & Food

Whiskey & Beers

Please join us all day at Patty's pub for pints of beer and shots of whiskey.

Must be 21 years & more. Slainte!

Beverage Tastings

A “don’t miss” beverage tasting experience!  Join us for an ever popular beverage tasting, featuring Irish whiskey and Scotch whisky. You’ll learn and train your palate about the differences of the beverages served in a fun and entertaining tasting atmosphere.  Yes, the Irish spell it whiskey and the Scot’s spell it whisky 😊

Space & reservations are limited, so get your reservations in advance!

price: $15.00


1:00 PM

2:15 PM

3:30 PM

5:00 PM

Time Selection
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Enjoy our food vendors from opening till close. Yum!  Come and enjoy:

Georgia Boys (BBQ)

Lauer Kraut (Krautburgers)

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LegMen (Turkey Legs & Roasted Corn)

On The Hook (Fish & Chips)

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Maddie’s Kettle Korn

Repicci’s Italian Ice & Gelato

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St. Brigit’s Bathwater Beer Party, at 11:30!

Pints of beer ($5 per pint), will be poured to pay tribute to the Irish Patron Saint of Beer, St. Brigit!

Join us to enjoy this Irish Red, specially crafted for Celtic Fest by grossen bart brewery..

St. Brigit of Kildare was a Celtic nun who lived in Ireland from 453 to 524 AD.  She was a contemporary of St. Patrick and probably the next best known Irish Saint besides St. Patrick. St. Brigid founded the monastery of Kildare and was known for spirituality, charity, and compassion. St. Brigid also was a generous, beer-loving woman. She worked in a leper colony which found itself without beer, "For when the lepers she nursed implored her for beer, and there was none to be had, she changed the water, which was used for the bath, into an excellent beer, by the sheer strength of her blessing and dealt it out to the thirsty in plenty." She also is reputed to have supplied beer out of one barrel to eighteen churches. Obviously this trait would endear her to many a beer lover!

See you there!

 Our Whiskey Ambassador:

 Howell Wright

Howell Wright

Howell F. Wright, Ed.D., Col. USMC (Ret) has had a lifelong love of fine spirits and cocktails. A certified Whiskey Ambassador, he is co-editor of the 224-page guidebook to whiskey and other distilled spirits in colorado, new mexico and wyoming (2018). He has written articles about cocktails and distiled spirits for blogs and newspapers and managed multiple whiskey events. with a love also for the cowboy way of life, Howell and his wife, j’ann have taken leadership roles in the production of successful western art shows and the management of the national award-winning rooftop rodeo in estes park, colorado, where they live.


We are proud to serve a local winery from just up the road

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