Welcome to the third annual Celtic Fest sponsored by St. Brigit Episcopal Church to benefit it's programs for the community in and around Frederick, Colorado.  St. Brigit's Celtic Fest is designed as an event for the whole family, so come to not just watch, listen, and try Celtic beer, whiskey and food - but perhaps to try your step at dancing, your lungs on a bagpipe, or your skill at a Celtic sport!  Meanwhile, your children will be choosing from various craft or gardening activities or meeting St. Brigit and hearing her tales of old Ireland!  Activities range from listening to top-rate music to a Celtic Art Show and Competition and Kirkin' of the Tartans.

St. Brigit of Kildare was a Celtic saint from the 6th century who focused her life in service to the poor around her.  (She was also the patron saint of beer!)  St. Brigit Episcopal Church chose to be named for her because it was established with a focus on serving the community.  Our Celtic Fest both supports those efforts and creates a great opportunity for families to enjoy the fun! 

Register now to reserve a spot for the whiskey tasting! Follow this link to the Whiskey, Beer, and Food page to sign-up.

Musicians!  “Open Sessions” will be available for everyone who wants to join in. 

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Introducing St. Brigit's Bathwater Beer with a Party, at 11:30!

Pints of beer ($6 per pint), will be poured to pay tribute to the Irish Patron Saint of Beer, St. Brigit!

Join us as we once again enjoy this Irish Red, specially crafted for Celtic Fest and now brewed by Grossen Bart Brewery.

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Thank you to the Town of Frederick for being an outstanding Sponsor of Celtic Fest to benefit feeding the hungry in the Carbon Valley. Without the help of the Town of Frederick, this event would not be possible. We are grateful for all your support & guidance and proud that we call Frederick our home.

Thank you all of our sponsors for supporting Celtic Fest & for supporting charities in Carbon Valley